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My name is Dominic Gill and I am a NASM certified personal trainer in the Twin Cities, MN metro area. 

Fitness. Most people think of physical exercise. My definition of fitness starts with the mind: willpower, discipline, toughness... unleashing your alter ego. While it may not come at first if you are new to fitness, there is a feeling it will give you that is absolutely amazing. The physical appearance benefits will come with time, but the mental benefits will be the biggest reward. You will gain an immense amount of confidence, courage, and toughness.

My training approach will be personalized to each client to ensure their success. While I am obligated to state I am not a registered dietitian, I will stress diet just as much as exercise.

You will have a quick four question log to submit to me every night on your diet and exercise for the day to keep you accountable and keep me informed. I will review them every day and sometimes reply with feedback.

I am also a pro photographer, my website is


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