Who Am I?

I am a non judgmental, tough, results driven, personal trainer with years of experience. Fitness is my passion. At times in my life it has been my salvation. 

Why Hire Me?

Having fitness as a key part of your life will make you look better physically but more importantly you will feel better mentally. You will have more energy, confidence, and less stress and anxiety.  


  • Low Price I charge less than half of many trainers
  • Daily diet and exercise logs reviewed to keep you accountable and significantly increase your success 
  • Packages go by minutes instead of 1 hour sessions, so if you want to workout longer or shorter than 1 hour I can accommodate.
  • 24/7 access to contact me
  • Ability to be flexible with workout times and locations
  • Discounts offered for social media tags and cash back for referrals
  • Lifetime relationship with me, not just a couple sessions with a trainer you end up forgetting
  • Free (small) gym access downtown Minneapolis, so you don't need a gym membership. If you want, we can find a larger gym but membership costs will be considered for pricing. 

What to expect?

Your initial consultation and in person assessment will probably take around 1 hour depending on your experience. I will send you a basic questionnaire and waiver for you to fill out. We will go over your goals, motivations, past injuries, budget, and availability.

The first in person session will be an assessment. It is 

$20 that you can prepay or pay at beginning of assessment.

If you buy a package after that, I will set 30 day goals for strength, cardiovascular performance, and weight. We will snap a couple quick before photos. We will take progress photos 30 days later, 90 days and 180 days later assuming you are still a client of mine.  

My style of training is very improv, I don't like to follow a rigid plan to the T. I like every workout to be a little different. However, if you buy a 12 hour package or more I will create a customized workout plan for you to do when you training on your own. 

At the beginning of your program, I will start things off nice and easy to make sure you understand the proper form, and gain the knowledge about your body and the exercises. After the first couple weeks I will increase the intensity; and its time to put in work, push your limits and get on the road to results. 

Common Excuses

Too expensive

How much money do you spend on things you don't need all the time? Is your health, your life important to you?

Too Busy

How much time do you spending playing on your cell phone, watching TV, hanging out? There are 168 hours in a week, start with just 3 hours and build from there.

Not that big or out of shape

A lot of people put on weight and don't even notice it because it happens gradually and wear baggy clothing.  After you lose the weight and look back at old photos you will really be amazed you didn't see it before! 

Too old, what's the point?

Your motivation to workout may not be aesthetics, but quality of life should be extremely important. Avoid future falls, aches and pains. Stay young!


Still young, can get in shape later

The older you get the harder it is to get in shape both physically and mentally. Your mind and body get accustomed to a lifestyle of indulging in food with no discipline, and not exercising on a regular basis. Embrace your youth, feel and look your best! 

Big all my life, it's never going to change

It's true genetics plays a big role in your physical makeup and some people are more inclined to being overweight. But just because you've always been big, doesn't mean you have to stay that way, you just have to work a little harder.  

You Can Do This!

Do not be discouraged if you are severely overweight or out of shape, YOU are my favorite client because you have the biggest opportunity to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!