The Countdown


What is "The Countdown"?

When you have a specific date in your mind you want to lose weight for like a wedding, a tropical vacation, a fitness competition, a high school reunion, etc. 

So, what is this program?

You are more motivated to lose the weight and I want to help you accomplish your goal and even surpass it! But you may not be able to afford the normal packages at a pace that will actually get you to be successful right? Or maybe you think you could try only to find out 3 weeks in you really can't afford it. So I want to help you accomplish "The Countdown" goal by coming up with a total package that will result in you paying a cheaper hourly rate but paying more up front. Depending on the situation you would need to pay the full amount up front or if it's a large amount of money we can come up with a payment plan.

Simply put, buy something in bulk you know you're going to use for a discount. 

What will be different than your normal sessions?

I will be pushing you harder in the gym. You have an ambitious goal and a limited time to accomplish it. I will reply more to your daily logs with feedback to keep you in line. At the end of the countdown you will thank me!

Sounds great, I want to slim down for this upcoming _______. How do we get started?!

Contact me and give me the details, the countdown date, your goals, budget, availability, etc and I will come up with a plan and package custom for you as a free consultation.